In recent years, a sizable ongoing campaign to encourage physical activity has been underway in Singapore. When we participate in nationwide competitions like the National Steps Challenge, we receive rewards for moving our bodies, but is there a deeper message here? We all recognize the advantages of exercise for our health, but many of us are not aware of all of these advantages.

8 Benefits of Physical Activity:

Higher libido

Along with sleep, another nighttime activity that benefits from exercise is sex. Exercise boosts libido, enhances blood flow, increases flexibility, enhances sexual performance, and enhances the overall experience. In older men, exercise reduces the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

More quality sleep

Exercise helps you feel sufficiently worn out when it’s time to go to bed, enhancing your sleep quality and fighting insomnia. Exercise also relieves stress by allowing your body and mind to unwind, which prevents you from worrying through the night. 

Exercise has the power to control your body’s circadian rhythm. Your body’s core temperature rises during exercise, allowing it to cool down before bed to promote restful sleep gradually.

Improvements in mood

Exercise increases not only your energy levels but also your mood. Endorphins, which encourage positive emotions and ward off negative ones, are released due to exercise. Exercise is a beneficial form of therapy for people who are depressed or anxious.

Energy level boost

A good workout significantly increases your hormone levels, which helps you fight fatigue and maintain focus. The greatest gain from this energy boost will go to those with chronic fatigue syndrome or other health issues that reduce energy.

Boosts mental health

The brain benefits from exercise in a variety of ways. First of all, exercise releases hormones that encourage the growth of new brain cells. 

Exercise also improves blood flow to the brain, which gives it more oxygen and improves function. 

The hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory, is also made larger by oxygen, contributing to improved memory. Your brain will age more slowly as a result, and it will be protected from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and mental illnesses like schizophrenia. 

Younger, healthier skin

The “post-workout glow” is a real thing, and exercise helps your skin by encouraging the production of antioxidants, which makes it look younger. These antioxidants improve skin health by restoring damaged skin cells and raising blood flow.

Defence against health issues

Exercise increases physical strength and maintains overall health by reducing the likelihood of developing chronic diseases. Exercise helps people control their weight and prevents diseases like diabetes and heart disease associated with obesity. Regular exercise also supports the maintenance of normal blood sugar and insulin levels.

Relieve from physical pains.

Exercise can provide rehabilitation for long-lasting pains like lower back pain. The right exercise can be an effective form of physiotherapy for long-term injuries or stubborn aches. But before exercising, consult a professional to get the best workout advice.

Follow the above 8 benefits and start doing exercise and physical activities.

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